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Krisztián Csapó

Born in 1983, Krisztián was exposed to music from an early age, singing in the Children's Choir of the Hungarian State Opera and that of the Hungarian State Radio. He began his brass studies in 1992.

He graduated at the Jazz Faculty of the Liszt Academy of Music in 2007 he graduated where he had studied with such trombone greats as Béla Szalóky, László Gőz and Károly Friedrich. In the same year, he was a finalist of the Jazz Trombone Talent Search Competition of the Hungarian Radio. He took private lessons in New York with distinguished jazz trombonist Elliot Mason (Juilliard School) and in London with Trevor Mires (Royal Academy).

He spent several years working in American theatre orchestras and toured in more than 90 countries.

Krisztián has played on numerous albums, such as Hungarian pop star Charlie's award-winning 2020 album and Gunhild Carling and the BJC Big Band's 2022 release. He is an in-demand session musician and trombonist, lending his talents regularly tot he BJC Big Band, Nart Orchestra, Budapest Ragtime Band, Attila László Fusion Circus and Budapest Scoring, among others. His solo project KRIZ just celebrated the release of their first album titled The Journey Home in December 2021, featuring musicians like Attila László, Hadrien Feraud, Gergő Borlai, Ryan Quigley, Áron Tálas, Sándor Sándor Soso Lakatos, Mike Gotthard and Balázs Pecze among others.


Krisztián was voted Trombonist of the Year in 2020 by Hungarian jazz portal He is a proud endorser of Haag Brass.

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